National Recycling Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do families benefit when you donate clothes?
There are two ways families benefit in the community:

First, the families of our charity partners benefit from the funds we are able to give back so that our charity partners can provide much needed services. Those who are less fortunate are appreciative of the items they receive.
Second, their kids get school and play clothes to wear, and parents don't have to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe.

How are clothes recycled if they're not reused as clothing?
Worn out or damaged clothes can still be recycled! Even if it's not able to be worn any longer, the material can be made into other handy everyday items including industrial quality hand towels, and insulation for houses.

How do I partner with NRS with my next event?
First, sign up with our online form here. Then a member of the NRS staff will contact you about the whole process, from setting up bins to picking up everything after the event to be recycled and everything in-between NRS will be there every step of the way of your event!

Who gets the funds from collected clothes?
Our fundraising program provides an easy source of funds for your company, non-profit, church or school. Delegate them however you desire!

How much time and effort will I have to devote to my new Adopt-A-Bin?
If you provide 5 square feet of land, we will do the rest! NRS is dedicated to keeping your bin looking great. We promise to service the bins as often as possible, maintain the bin in neat condition both structurally, in appearance, and in the surrounding area. We will obtain any city permits at our expense, respond to questions 24hr a day through the NRS number posted on each bin and market and promote the bin.