National Recycling Solutions

Recycling Textiles To Promote a Greener Future

National Recycling Solutions is a local family owned and environmentally aware recycling management company. Acting as a bridge between local thrift stores with unsellable merchandise and buyers worldwide, we help you reduce waste while maximizing profits and cutting down our overall carbon footprint.

Our Mission

At NRS our mission is to support the DFW community thru fundraising recycling efforts, consumer education, and to support local retailers.

Our Efforts

National Recycling Solutions partners with non-profit organizations Captain Hope's Kids, Operation Kindness and Ronald McDonald House as well as supporting many more charitable organizations through the reuse and recycling of clothing, shoes, books, accessories, and toys.

Why Do Business with NRS?

Reduce Waste by keeping up to 95% of textiles out of landfills.
Increase Profits with our Adopt-A-Bin program as a no cost fundraising tool.
Reliability that promises payment submitted next business day.
Support Local Communities by partnering with us for your next recycling event.